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......@@ -44,9 +44,10 @@ public:
/** \class PersistentDescriptorsListSampleGenerator
* \brief
* \brief [internal] Helper class for the implementation of DescriptorsListSampleGenerator
* This class inherits PersistentImageFilter and provides the Reset/Synthesize functions,
* plus the ThreadedGenerateData function implementing the image function evaluation
template <class TInputImage, class TVectorData, class TFunctionType, class TListSample, class TLabelListSample>
class ITK_EXPORT PersistentDescriptorsListSampleGenerator :
......@@ -227,10 +228,17 @@ private:
/** \class DescriptorsListSampleGenerator
* \brief
* \brief This class generates a ListSample by computing local descriptors
* on an image at specified positions.
* Given an image (by SetInputImage()) and a vector data containing points (by SetSamplesLocations()),
* this class evaluates an ImageFunction (set by SetDescriptorsFunction()) at each point of the vector data
* over the image.
* It generates a ListSample containing the descriptors values for each sample,
* along with a label ListSample containing the label associatged with each sample.
* The label is read from the vector data using the data field "Class", read as an int
* This class is streaming capable and multithreaded
template <class TInputImage, class TVectorData, class TListSample, class TLabelListSample, class TOutputPrecision = double, class TCoordRep = double>
class ITK_EXPORT DescriptorsListSampleGenerator :
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