Commit a2aedd9a authored by Cyrille Valladeau's avatar Cyrille Valladeau

ENH: add doc

parent 959c6178
......@@ -60,6 +60,17 @@ private:
SetDescription("Perform SVM classification based on a previous computed SVM model");
// Documentation
SetDocName("Image SVM Classifier Application");
SetDocLongDescription("This application performs an image classification based on the SVM classifier. The image to classify and the SVM model are given in input, the application will generate the classified output image. Optionnally, the user can give an image statistics file (that contains min, max) to normalize the input image before the classification. Furthemore, the user can give a mask to define area of work (only pixel with value greater to 0 will be porceed), this no classify pixels will appear in the output image with the value 0.");
SetDocSeeAlso("TrainSVMImagesClassifier application, ValidateSVMImagesClassifier");
SetDocCLExample("otbApplicationLauncherCommandLine ImageSVMClassifier ${OTB-BIN}/bin --in ${OTB-DATA}/Classification/QB_1_ortho.tif --imstat ${OTB-DATA}/Baseline/OTB-Applications/Files/clImageStatisticsQB1.xml --svn ${OTB-DATA}/Baseline/OTB-Applications/Files/clsvmModelQB1.svm --out otbConcatenateImages.png uchar");
virtual ~ImageSVMClassifier()
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