Commit a62d1a58 authored by Gaëlle USSEGLIO's avatar Gaëlle USSEGLIO
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ENH: Update ul_lon/lat, ur_lon/lat, lr_lon/lat and ll_lon/lat into geom file for CosmoSkymed Sensor

parent 61e8f514
......@@ -505,7 +505,16 @@ namespace ossimplugins
std::vector<std::string> vGeoCoor_BR;
otb::Utils::ConvertStringToVector(geoCoor_BR, vGeoCoor_BR, "S01_SBI_Bottom_Right_Geodetic_Coordinates", " ");
///// Add Corner into the keywordlist ////
add(theProductKwl, "ul_lat", vGeoCoor_TL[0]);
add(theProductKwl, "ul_lon", vGeoCoor_TL[1]);
add(theProductKwl, "ur_lat", vGeoCoor_TR[0]);
add(theProductKwl, "ur_lon", vGeoCoor_TR[1]);
add(theProductKwl, "ll_lat", vGeoCoor_BL[0]);
add(theProductKwl, "ll_lon", vGeoCoor_BL[1]);
add(theProductKwl, "lr_lat", vGeoCoor_BR[0]);
add(theProductKwl, "lr_lon", vGeoCoor_BR[1]);
// Mean
std::vector<double> vGeoCoor_Mean;
vGeoCoor_Mean.push_back((std::stod(vGeoCoor_TL[0]) + std::stod(vGeoCoor_TR[0]) + std::stod(vGeoCoor_BL[0]) +
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