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Add legend for output colored images of Hoover Compare Segmentation

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......@@ -143,6 +143,12 @@ private:
"The application can output the overall Hoover scores along with colored"
"images of the MS and GT segmentation showing the state of each region "
"(correct detection, over-segmentation, under-segmentation, missed).\n\n"
"The legend for the colored images is as follow:\n\n"
"- **white**: background\n\n"
"- **green**: correct detection\n\n"
"- **magenta**: over-segmentation\n\n"
"- **cyan**: under-segmentation\n\n"
"- **red**: missed detection (only for GT)\n\n"
"The Hoover metrics are described in: Hoover et al., \"An experimental"
" comparison of range image segmentation algorithms\", IEEE PAMI vol. 18, no. 7, July 1996.");
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