Commit ac39e38b authored by Manuel Grizonnet's avatar Manuel Grizonnet

ENH: typo in PrintSelf

parent 5f603d18
......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ ImageRegionAdaptativeSplitter<VImageDimension>
os<<indent<<"ImageRegion: "<<m_ImageRegion<<std::endl;
os<<indent<<"Tile hint: "<<m_TileHint<<std::endl;
os<<indent<<"Requested number of splits: "<<m_RequestedNumberOfSplits<<std::endl;
os<<indent<<"Acutal number of splits: "<<m_StreamVector.size()<<std::endl;
os<<indent<<"Actual number of splits: "<<m_StreamVector.size()<<std::endl;
} // end namespace itk
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