Commit af7239e8 authored by Cédric Traizet's avatar Cédric Traizet
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REFAC: remove deprecated application DownloadSRTMTiles (download link dead)

parent 18dc504c
......@@ -18,11 +18,6 @@
# limitations under the License.
NAME DownloadSRTMTiles
SOURCES otbDownloadSRTMTiles.cxx
NAME PixelValue
SOURCES otbPixelValue.cxx
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
......@@ -29,14 +29,6 @@ add_executable(otbAppImageUtilsTestDriver ${OTBAppImageUtilsTests})
target_link_libraries(otbAppImageUtilsTestDriver ${OTBAppImageUtils-Test_LIBRARIES})
#----------- DownloadSRTMTiles TESTS ----------------
otb_test_application(NAME apTuUtDownloadSRTMTiles
APP DownloadSRTMTiles
OPTIONS -il LARGEINPUT{QUICKBIRD/TOULOUSE/000000128955_01_P001_MUL/02APR01105228-M1BS-000000128955_01_P001.TIF}
-mode list
-tiledir ${INPUTDATA}/DEM/srtm_directory
#----------- DynamicConvert TESTS ------------
otb_test_application(NAME apTvUtDynamicConvertBasic
APP DynamicConvert
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