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CI: tests for Windows runner

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......@@ -152,13 +152,16 @@ windows-prepare:
#~ - ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -T
- call ./CI/dev_env.bat x64
- echo Now start clcache server
- start /b clcache-server.exe
#~ - start /b clcache-server.exe
- ctest -V -S CI/prepare_superbuild.cmake -DIMAGE_NAME:string=otb-windows-superbuild-base
- ctest -C Release -V -S CI/prepare_superbuild.cmake -DIMAGE_NAME:string=otb-windows-superbuild-base
- echo CTest done
- taskkill /f /im clcache-server.exe
- echo Killing clcache-server
#~ - taskkill /f /im clcache-server.exe
expire_in: 24 hrs
when: always
# This recovers logs from superbuild build
- build/*/*/*/*.log
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