Commit b37f15df authored by Aurélien Bricier's avatar Aurélien Bricier

DOC: enhanced documentation in VectorDataToRandomLineGenerator class

parent 4d324686
......@@ -29,10 +29,15 @@ namespace otb
* \brief Produces a VectorData Containing Random Lines
* This generator produces a unique vector data containing
* randomly generated lines.
* randomly generated lines inside polygons contained in the input
* vectorData.
* The generated lies are all contained into the extend of the input vectorData
* The user can set the range of point per line through
* SetMinLineSize() and SetMaxLineSize().
* The generated line number per polygon can be set through
* SetNumberOfOutputLine
* \sa VectorDataSource
template <class TVectorData>
class ITK_EXPORT VectorDataToRandomLineGenerator :
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