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Cookbook: future FAQ for linux binary package

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......@@ -109,6 +109,42 @@ Notes:
- Multiple installation of OTB can exists in same system without one conflicting the other!
FAQ for Packaging
Q: I am getting an error message...
Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40806) with this library (version 0x40807)
A: This is due to a conflict with system Qt4 (usually seen on KDE) and Qt4 + gtk libs in OTB package. The fix you need is to remove those libs from package.
.. parsed-literal::
cd /path/to/OTB-|release|-Linux64
rm -f lib/libQt* && rm -fr lib/gtk
Q: Monteverdi and Mapla applications look different from my other applications.
A: By default, Monteverdi, Mapla and otbapplication (otbgui\_\*) uses a default gtk theme (plastic)
which is distributed with the OTB package!. We do this to be on safe side, like when a user does
not have gtk libraries installed when using our package.
gtk libraries in the package is the reason why you are getting a default "plastic" look & feel that
makes it look different from other GUI applications.
To get same look and feel, you can "force" Monteverdi and Mapla to use system GTK.
And now start ```` or ```` from OTB-|release|-Linux64
To get back default behaviour, unset OTB_USE_SYSTEM_GTK=1 or set OTB_USE_SYSTEM_GTK=0
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