Commit b567e688 authored by Jordi Inglada's avatar Jordi Inglada

ENH: correct default stdfactor for jitter strategy

parent e3028af8
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ private:
"The noise added to the input samples will have the "
"standard deviation of the input features divided "
"by the value of this parameter. ");
AddChoice("strategy.smote","Smote input samples");
SetParameterDescription("strategy.smote","The new samples are generated "
......@@ -85,13 +85,13 @@ void replicateSamples(const SampleVectorType& inSamples,
/** Create new samples by adding noise to existing samples. Gaussian
* noise is added to randomly selected samples. The standard deviation
* of the noise added to each component is the same as the one of the
* input variables multiplied by stdFactor (defaults to 1). The
* input variables divided by stdFactor (defaults to 10). The
* elements of newSamples are removed before proceeding.
void jitterSamples(const SampleVectorType& inSamples,
const size_t nbSamples,
SampleVectorType& newSamples,
float stdFactor=10000,
float stdFactor=10,
const int seed = std::time(nullptr))
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