Commit b6f62098 authored by Emmanuel Christophe's avatar Emmanuel Christophe
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WRG: fix initialization order

parent 46316cd9
......@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ namespace otb
Curves2DWidget::Curves2DWidget() : m_Curves(), m_XAxisLabel("X axis"), m_YAxisLabel("Y axis"), m_Margins(),
m_Extent(), m_AxisOrigin(), m_AxisLength(),
m_GridOrigin(), m_GridSpacing(), m_ZeroCrossingAxis(true),
m_AutoScale(true), m_AxisColor(), m_GridColor(), m_SpaceToScreenTransform(), m_ScaleAxeYDefault(true)
m_AutoScale(true), m_AxisColor(), m_GridColor(), m_ScaleAxeYDefault(true),
// Build the curves list
m_Curves = CurveListType::New();
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