Commit bede097d authored by Guillaume Borrut's avatar Guillaume Borrut
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ENH. Adding the different RAD formats :

OCT, PHA, I2, I4, R4, CI2, CR4, COCT, C3B, C5B, C7B, CI4, CR8
parent 41cc2830
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ ADD_TEST(rdTvPiOver4ExamplePolarimetricSynthesisFilterTest ${SARPOLARIMETRY_TEST
ADD_EXECUTABLE(otbSARPolarimetryExamplesTests PiOver4ExamplePolarimetricSynthesisFilter.cxx )
ADD_EXECUTABLE(otbSARPolarimetryExamplesTests otbSARPolarimetryExamplesTests.cxx )
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(otbSARPolarimetryExamplesTests OTBSARPolarimetry OTBCommon OTBIO gdal ITKIO ITKCommon ITKBasicFilters)
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