Commit c4b49655 authored by Victor Poughon's avatar Victor Poughon

BUG: fix missing parameter description (breaks cookbook)

parent c5845896
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ public:
AddChoice("out.vector", "Output vector data");
AddParameter(ParameterType_OutputVectorData, "out.vector.filename", "Filename for the output vector data");
AddChoice("out.xml", "Output XML file");
AddParameter(ParameterType_String, "out.xml.filename", "");
AddParameter(ParameterType_String, "out.xml.filename", "Filename for the output xml file");
AddChoice("out.raster", "Output raster image");
AddParameter(ParameterType_OutputImage, "out.raster.filename", "File name for the raster image");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Float, "", "Background value for the output raster");
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