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ENH: fetch RPCs in Quickbird IMI

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......@@ -136,6 +136,8 @@ public:
* There values a computed by 6S. */
WavelengthSpectralBandVectorType GetSpectralSensitivity() const override;
void Parse(const MetadataSupplierInterface *) override;
~QuickBirdImageMetadataInterface() override
......@@ -954,4 +954,9 @@ QuickBirdImageMetadataInterface::WavelengthSpectralBandVectorType QuickBirdImage
return wavelengthSpectralBand;
void QuickBirdImageMetadataInterface::Parse(const MetadataSupplierInterface *mds)
  • With a pointer, this deserves an assertion.

  • I think I will change the signature of this function to use a reference instead of the pointer. The pointer does not make a lot of sense here. This will be done in another MR, this is out of the scope of this MR (it needs to be modified in many files). This commit only adds RPC parsing for the Quickird sensor for testing purposes.

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} // end namespace otb
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