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......@@ -196,6 +196,12 @@ of all our dependencies on `the Orfeo ToolBox website
<>`_ (pick the ’SuperBuild-archives’
corresponding to the OTB version you want to build).
**Notes about GDAL:** Since OTB 7.0, SuperBuild's GDAL version is 2.4.1. This version needs pkg-config to correctly find OpenJPEG (needed to read and write images with formats such as .jp2, .j2k), the minimal version is 0.21 for GDAL 2.4.1. You can install it with:
apt-get install pkg-config
**Notes about Qt:** Unlike other dependencies, building Qt5 on all platforms is
not a trivial task but OTB SuperBuild does its best to facilitate this for the
user. So there is still some additional package installation, one has to do as a
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