Commit cb4b0991 authored by Thibaut ROMAIN's avatar Thibaut ROMAIN

USAGE: Add a warning message when the user gives a pleiade DIMAP as input instead of an image

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......@@ -39,7 +39,6 @@
#include <sstream>
#include <vector>
#include <itkVariableLengthVector.h>
#include "otbStringUtils.h"
namespace otb
......@@ -2317,6 +2317,14 @@ void PleiadesImageMetadataInterface::Parse(const MetadataSupplierInterface & mds
//auto dimapV1Filename = itksys::SystemTools::GetParentDirectory(mds.GetResourceFile()) + "/PHRDIMAP.XML";
//if the user provided a dimap, the following metadata will be present instead of IMAGERY/SATELLITEID
//We have to warn the user that they have to give the associated jp2 or TIF, because GDAL DIMAP driver
//does not provide the same metadata as the jp2 one, some are missing
if (mds.GetAs<std::string>("","MISSION").find("PHR") != std::string::npos)
otbLogMacro(Warning, << "You provided a Pleiade DIMAP as input, please provide the associated JP2 or TIF instead");
DimapMetadataHelper helper;
// Satellite ID is either PHR 1A or PHR 1B
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