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update release notes for 4.4

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OTB-v.4.4.0 - Changes since version 4.4.0 (2015/02/13)
* Library:
* Core:
* Add a BandMathXImageFilter, otbParserX, otbParserXPlugins filters based on MuParserX
* Correct a lot of issues related to Coverity scan
* Giving access to probability estimates mode in libSVMMachineLearningModel and RandomForestsMachineLearningModel
* Clean and update the header include into OTB
* Enhance p to xs registration formula
* Reduce Curl dependencies
* Remove 6S dependency for VarSol computation
* Clean and udpate the Mapnik adapters code into OTB
* Add an option to limit the number of samples by class into otbListSampleGenerator
* Fix BCO interpolation about coefficients normalization
* Fix missing boost namespace
* Fix Production date issue in IkonosImageMetadataInterface
* Mark ancillary methods as deprecated otbWrapperCommandLineLauncher
* Add regression mode to Random Forests
* Add absorptances and fcover to SAIL code
* Remove MeanShiftKernel file, duplicates of SVMKernel file, and not used anywhere
* CMake:
* Improve compatibility with cmake 3.0
* Testing:
* Avoid multiple declaration of same function over different compilation units
* Add test to use SVM machine learning class in regression mode
* Remove obsolete and not compiled anymore tests
* Rewrite add_test declaration to have exe name on the first line. will help modularisation script
* Use a single cmake var for referencing large inputs
* Documentation:
* Enhance Doxygen Documentation
* Applications:
* New:
* New BandMathX application with awesome mathematical functions
* New applications for learning/classification of geometries in a shapefile:
* ComputeOGRLayersFeaturesStatistics
* TrainOGRLayersClassifier
* OGRLayerClassifier
* Updated applications:
* Smoothing: add conductance parameter for anidifusion which was added recently in ITK filter
* Smoothing: keep the time step independant from the image spacing
* HomologousPoint: proper computation of the opposite region
* Rasterization: fix computation of output image extent
* GridBasedImageResampling: fix the wrong channel number otbGridBasedImageResampling.
* ColorMapping: clamp before cast to uchar
* OpticalCalibration: the toc computation is no more marked as experimental
* OpticalCalibration: add an internal test to check if RSR file is correclty set
* BundleToPerfectSensor and SuperImpose: Allowing to force default mode with Pleiades images
* SuperImpose: fix a bug in PHR mode detection logic
* TrainImagesClassifier: add option to limit the min number of samples to the smallest class
* MeanShiftSmoothing: add missing ram parameter
* StereoRectificationGridGenerator: add warning message about image sizes when enabling inverse transformation estimations.
* Bugs fixed:
* OTB-lib:
* 0001003: logical bug in IkonosImageMetadataInterface ::GetPhysicalGain(),resolved,fixed,"In IkonosImageMetadataInterface::GetPhysicalGain()
* 0001005: build error with otbUtilitiesTests
* 0000987: update contents of README
* 0000974: Bad processing of OTB Smoothing Anisotropic Filtering
* OTB-Applications:
* 0000975: OTB Applications which use OpenMP cannot be loaded with gcc version < 4.3.0
* 0000976: Strange output for ColorMapping application with LUT computed on support image
OTB-v.4.2.1 - Changes since version 4.2.0 (2014/09/19)
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