Commit cc1cc265 authored by Julien Osman's avatar Julien Osman
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TEST: Update test apTvUtDynamicConvertExtendedFilename_readerGEOM

GEOM files are no longer générated as output, so we can't use them
to compare metadata on output files. Use directly the compare-metadata
parent 468fa3eb
......@@ -61,9 +61,9 @@ otb_test_application(NAME apTvUtDynamicConvertExtendedFilename_readerGEOM
APP DynamicConvert
OPTIONS -in ${INPUTDATA}/ToulouseExtract_WithGeom.tif?&geom=${INPUTDATA}/ToulouseExtract_ModifiedGeom.geom
-out ${TEMP}/apTvUtGeomExtendedFilename.tif
VALID --compare-ascii ${EPSILON_7}
VALID --compare-metadata ${NOTOL}
otb_test_application(NAME apTvUtDynamicConvertLog2
APP DynamicConvert
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