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ENH: update release notes

parent 545a8c75
......@@ -39,7 +39,34 @@ OTB-v.3.20 - Changes since version 3.18.1 (2013/10/28)
* Support extended filename for complex input images
* QtWidgetModel emits a signal with associated exception in case an error occurs during application execution
* Bugs fixed :
* OTB library
* 0000780: issues with hard compiler settings
* 0000775: DoUpdateGUI() doing nothing for some parameters in QtWidget Wrapper
* 0000774: unwanted Null Element addition to InputImageListParameter in QtWidget
* 0000784: The otbgui_BandMath does not work properly
* 0000768: Monteverdi 0.5.0 package depend now on QWT
* 0000755: otb-bin-qt 3.18.1 package on Ubuntu installation triggered a warning at installation
* 0000794: Tiling mechanism didn't work into Large Scale MeanShift application
* 0000760: ClassificationMapRegularization output pixel values are always on 8 bits
* Monteverdi2
* 0000750: Importation of a dataset which didn't exist because otb-app didn't run
* 0000791: Accuracy error when converting float (-4.31608963) to string.
* 0000792: Checking "Load otb application from xml file" crashes monteverdi2 on any application
* 0000767: MonteverdI2 crashes trying to open ASTER Global DEM v2 (tiff image)
* 0000785: ITK exception raised when/after importing lena512color.jp2
* 0000754: VertexComponentAnalysis app output importing leads to mvd2 crash
* 0000756: BandMath application does not get ready when adding multiple inputs
* 0000777: Wrong cartographic coordinates in pixel description widget for geotif product
* 0000749: Output of the applications are detected as inconsistent
* 0000752: When we run a otb app the selection of the dataset into the database manager didn't move to the output file
* 0000748: Drag and drop a dataset into a inputImageList widget of an otb-app didn't work with Win platform
* 0000751: Unexpected exception when we try to open an image into WinXp sample images directory
* 0000747: Drag and drop an image into MVD2 didn't work with Win platform
* 0000746: Locked/unlocked button didn't work
* 0000790: Monteverdi 2 crashes hen running segmentation
OTB-v.3.18.1 - Changes since version 3.18.0 (2013/07/22)
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