Commit d26cb080 authored by Julien Michel's avatar Julien Michel
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BUG: Fixing unknown method SetNumberOfSupportVectors() detected while trying to wrap the class

parent 8c393a89
......@@ -540,7 +540,6 @@ SVMModel<TValue,TLabel>::SetSupportVectors(svm_node ** sv, int nbOfSupportVector
delete[] (m_Model->SV);
m_Model->SV = NULL;
m_Model->SV = new struct svm_node*[m_Model->l];
// copy new SV values
......@@ -606,8 +605,6 @@ SVMModel<TValue,TLabel>::SetAlpha( double ** alpha, int nbOfSupportVector )
delete [] m_Model->sv_coef;
// copy new sv_coef values
m_Model->sv_coef = new double*[m_Model->nr_class-1];
for (int i=0; i<m_Model->nr_class-1; ++i)
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