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DOC: doxygen for VectorDataExtractROI

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......@@ -28,8 +28,20 @@ namespace otb
/** \class VectorDataExtractROI
* \brief Extract a subset of a Vector Data based on location
* The region to extract is specified by a otb::RemoteSensingRegion
* object. This region contains its own projection reference that may be
* different from the projection of the vector data.
* The projection of the vector data will not be modified by this filter
* if you need to change the projection, refer to otb::VectorDataProjectionFilter
* \note Parameter to this class for input and outputs are vectorData
* \sa RemoteSensingRegion
* \sa VectorDataProjectionFilter
* \ingroup VectorDataFilter
* \example Projections/VectorDataExtractROIExample.cxx
template <class TVectorData>
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