Commit d98ae1f9 authored by Christophe Palmann's avatar Christophe Palmann
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COMP: bandmathx test, got rid of problematic typenames

parent bafa9375
......@@ -251,11 +251,11 @@ int otbBandMathImageFilterXConv( int itkNotUsed(argc), char* argv [])
IteratorType it2(radius, image2, region); it2.NeedToUseBoundaryConditionOn();
IteratorType it3(radius, image3, region); it3.NeedToUseBoundaryConditionOn();
typename PixelType::ValueType imageAb2Mini = itk::NumericTraits<typename PixelType::ValueType>::max();
typename PixelType::ValueType imageAb3Mean = 0.0, n=0.0;
typename PixelType::ValueType imageAb3Var = 0.0;
typename PixelType::ValueType imageAb1Sum = 0.0;
typename PixelType::ValueType im2b1Maxi = itk::NumericTraits<typename PixelType::ValueType>::min();
PixelType::ValueType imageAb2Mini = itk::NumericTraits<PixelType::ValueType>::max();
PixelType::ValueType imageAb3Mean = 0.0, n=0.0;
PixelType::ValueType imageAb3Var = 0.0;
PixelType::ValueType imageAb1Sum = 0.0;
PixelType::ValueType im2b1Maxi = itk::NumericTraits<PixelType::ValueType>::min();
for (it1.GoToBegin(), it2.GoToBegin(), it3.GoToBegin(); !it1.IsAtEnd(); ++it1, ++it2, ++it3)
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