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......@@ -35,3 +35,21 @@ description from the ``otb::ImageMetadata`` and instantiates an
The classes ``otb::RPCForwardTransform`` and
``otb::RPCInverseTransform`` each implement a version of the
``TransformPoint`` method which uses the ``otb::GDALRPCTransformer``.
Sensor Transform Factory
The class ``SensorTransformFactory`` is designed to automatically
instanciate the best sensor transform based on the available
metadata. One should use the function ``CreateTransform`` which is
templated over the scalar type used in the transform and the
dimensions of the input and output spaces. It takes as parameters a
pointer to the ImageMetadata object, and the direction of the
transform (either FORWARD or INVERSE). It returns a std::unique_ptr to
the transform object.
.. code-block:: cpp
#include "otbSensorTransformFactory.h"
auto sensorModel = otb::SensorTransformFactory::GetInstance().CreateTransform <double, 2, 3>(imageMetadataPointer, TransformDirection::FORWARD);
auto worldPoint = sensorModel->TransformPoint(sensorPoint);
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