Commit e3707a35 authored by Cédric Traizet's avatar Cédric Traizet
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DOC: Wrong cmake variable name indicated in error message (OTB_BUILD_MODULE_AS_STANDALONE)

parent 1d9d59bd
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ if(NOT EXISTS ${OTB_CMAKE_DIR}/OTBModuleMacros.cmake)
message(FATAL_ERROR "Modules can only be built against an OTB build tree; "
"they cannot be built against an OTB install tree. You can build "
"your module as a standalone CMake project instead, by activating "
"the BUILD_MODULE_AS_STANDALONE option. Beware that dependency "
"the OTB_BUILD_MODULE_AS_STANDALONE option. Beware that dependency "
"between remote modules will NOT be tracked.")
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