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REFAC: this is not a class but a names space... -> a namespace

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......@@ -24,27 +24,18 @@
namespace otb
/** \class GeoInformationConversion
* \brief Helper to do the geo informations conversions used
* frequently.
* \brief Helper functions to do the geo information conversions used frequently.
* This class can help to build a WKT from a valid EPSG number using
* This namespace provides helpers functions to build a WKT from a valid EPSG number using
* the method ToWKT(int srid).
* \sa
class GeoInformationConversion
namespace GeoInformationConversion
/** method used to create a wkt from an epsg number */
static std::string ToWKT(int srid);
static std::string ToWKT(const std::string& candidateSrid);
GeoInformationConversion(); // not implemented
virtual ~GeoInformationConversion(); // not implemented
std::string ToWKT(int srid);
std::string ToWKT(const std::string& candidateSrid);
} // End namespace otb
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