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DOC: intro for the SURF example

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......@@ -24,15 +24,10 @@ PURPOSE. See the above copyright notices for more information.
// Software Guide : BeginLatex
// This example illustrates the use of the \doxygen{otb}{ImageToSURFKeyPointSetFilter}.
// The Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (or SURF) is an algorithm in
// The Speed-Up Robust Features (or SURF) is an algorithm in
// computer vision to detect and describe local features in
// images. The algorithm was published by David Lowe
// \cite{LoweSURF}. The detection and description of local image
// features can help in object recognition and image registration. The
// SURF features are local and based on the appearance of the object
// at particular interest points, and are invariant to image scale and
// rotation. They are also robust to changes in illumination, noise,
// occlusion and minor changes in viewpoint.
// images. The algorithm is detailed in \cite{SURF}. The applications
// of SURF are the same as those for SIFT.
// The first step required to use this filter is to include its header file.
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