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// Software Guide : BeginLatex
// This example shows the basic approch to perform
// This example shows the basic approch to perform object based analysis on a image.
// The input image is firstly segmented using the \doxygen{otb}{MeanShiftImageFilter}
// Then each segmented region is converted to a Map of labeled objects.
// After the \doxygen{otb}{RadiometricAttributesLabelMapFilter} computes computes
// radiometric attributes for each object.
// Images are supposed to be standard 4-bands image (B,G,R,NIR). The
// index of each channel can be set via the Set***ChannelIndex()
// accessors.
// This filter internally applies the
// StatisticsAttributesLabelMapFilter to the following features:
// \begin{itemize}
// \item GEMI
// \item NDVI
// \item IR
// \item IC
// \item IB
// \item NDWI2
// \item Intensity
// \item and original B, G, R and NIR channels
// \end{itemize},
// Software Guide : EndLatex
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