Commit f0e2a7ca authored by Cédric Traizet's avatar Cédric Traizet Committed by David Youssefi

BUG: build xcb in Qt Superbuild

parent a292d964
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ if(UNIX)
set(QT5_SB_CONFIG "${QT5_SB_CONFIG} -no-framework")
set(QT5_SB_CONFIG "${QT5_SB_CONFIG} -no-glib -no-fontconfig")
set(QT5_SB_CONFIG "${QT5_SB_CONFIG} -no-glib -no-fontconfig -qt-xcb")
#common for all unix
set(QT5_SB_CONFIG "${QT5_SB_CONFIG} -no-dbus -no-icu -v")
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