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Sensor model
The class ``otb::SensorTransformBase`` is the base class for sensor
models. It inherits from ``otb::Transform``, which inherits from
``itk::Transform``. It is templated over the data type, and input and
output dimentions. All sensor model classes should inherit from it,
and implement the methods:
- ``SetMetadataModel`` that takes a ``boost::any`` object representing the model;
- ``IsValidSensorModel`` that returns true if the model is correctly set;
- ``TransformPoint`` that process the transformation.
.. image:: /Art/C++/UmlSensorModel.png
RPC sensor model
The structure ``otb::Projection::RPCParam`` is used to store the
parameters of the RPC model. It is based on `GDAL's RPC structure
The RPC model is stored in the ``otb::ImageMetadata`` object, using
the key ``MDGeom::RPC``. The classes ``otb::RPCTransformBase``,
``otb::RPCForwardTransform`` and ``otb::RPCInverseTransform`` are used
to perform forward and inverse transformation using this model.
The abstract class ``otb::RPCTransformBase`` contains the
implementation of the SetMetadataModel method, which receives the RPC
description from the ``otb::ImageMetadata`` and instantiates an
The classes ``otb::RPCForwardTransform`` and
``otb::RPCInverseTransform`` each implement a version of the
``TransformPoint`` method which uses the ``otb::GDALRPCTransformer``.
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