Commit f951c5d3 authored by Jonathan Guinet's avatar Jonathan Guinet

ENH: StereoSensorModelToElevationMap python test has been removed

parent 3862946c
# Import the otb applications package
import otbApplication, sys
# The following line creates an instance of the StereoSensorModelToElevationMap application
StereoSensorModelToElevationMap = otbApplication.Registry.CreateApplication("StereoSensorModelToElevationMap")
# The following lines set all the application parameters:
StereoSensorModelToElevationMap.SetParameterString("ref", sys.argv[1])
StereoSensorModelToElevationMap.SetParameterString("sec", sys.argv[2])
StereoSensorModelToElevationMap.SetParameterString("out", sys.argv[3])
StereoSensorModelToElevationMap.SetParameterString("elev.dem", "dem_wrong_path")
StereoSensorModelToElevationMap.SetParameterString("elev.geoid", "geoid_wrong_file")
# This bug verifies that a proper exception is raised during ExecuteAndWriteOutput
print "Catching exception : this is the expected behavior - TEST PASS"
sys.exit( 0 )
print "Should have raised an exception, but did not - TEST FAIL"
sys.exit( 1 )
......@@ -32,10 +32,3 @@ add_test( NAME pyTvBug440
add_test( NAME pyTvBug441
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