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    • Victor Poughon's avatar
      COMP: add missing string includes · fc923078
      Victor Poughon authored
      Before this commit, many files are using std::string without including
      <string>. It can work accidentally but causes issues when refactoring,
      especially if using operator <<() which is included implicitly by some
      To find guilty header files, I used:
          grep -l "^ *std::string" $(grep -L "#include <string>" $(find . -type f -name "*.h"))
      which finds all files containing "std::string" at the beginning of a line
      (usually a member or variable declaration), but not "#include <string>".
      And then this script to add the includes (plus some manual ediing):
          #!/usr/bin/env python3
          import re
          import argparse
          def fix_file(filename, header):
              with open(filename, "r") as f:
                  content = f.read()
              matches = list(re.finditer(r"(#include .*\n)\n", content))
              if len(matches) == 0:
                  print("no include!")
              pos = matches[-1].end(1)
              open(filename, "w").write(content[:pos] + "#include <{}>\n".format(header) + content[pos:])
          if __name__ == "__main__":
              parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
              parser.add_argument('--header', type=str, required=True)
              parser.add_argument('files', type=str, nargs='+')
              args = parser.parse_args()
              for filename in args.files:
                  fix_file(filename, args.header)
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    • Laurentiu Nicola's avatar
      ENH: Use math functions in std:: instead of vcl · fcbf830b
      Laurentiu Nicola authored
      find \( -name "*.hxx" -or -name "*.h" -or -name "*.cxx" \) -not -path "*ThirdParty*" -print0 | xargs -0 sed -sri "s/([^<])vcl_(adjacent_find|and|binary|binary_search|copy|copy_|count|count_if|equal|equal_range|fill|fill_n|find|find_end|find_first_of|find_if|for_each|generate|generate_n|generators_|heap|includes|inplace_merge|iter_swap|lexicographical_compare|lower_bound|make_heap|max|min|max_element|merge|merge_|min_element|mismatch|next_permutation|nth_element|partial_sort|partial_sort_copy|partition|stable_partition|partitions_|pop_heap|prev_permutation|push_heap|random_shuffle|remove|remove_copy|remove_copy_if|remove_if|replace|replace_copy|replace_copy_if|replace_if|reverse|reverse_copy|rotate|rotate_copy|search|search_n|set_difference|set_intersection|set_symmetric_difference|set_union|sort|sort_|sort_heap|stable_sort|swap|swap_|swap_ranges|transform|unique|unique_copy|upper_bound|bitset|abs|acos|asin|atan|atan2|ceil|cos|cosh|exp|fabs|floor|fmod|frexp|ldexp|log|log10|modf|pow|sin|sinh|sqrt|tan|tanh|complex|real|imag|arg|norm|conj|polar|jmp_buf|longjmp|sig_atomic_t|raise|signal|va_list|ptrdiff_t|size_t|FILE|fpos_t|fopen|fclose|feof|ferror|fflush|fgetc|fgetpos|fgets|fwrite|fread|fseek|ftell|perror|clearerr|rename|fputc|fputs|freopen|fsetpos|getc|getchar|gets|putc|putchar|puts|rewind|setbuf|setvbuf|tmpfile|tmpnam|ungetc|printf|sprintf|fprintf|vprintf|vsprintf|vfprintf)/\1std::\2/g"
      find \( -name "*.hxx" -or -name "*.h" -or -name "*.cxx" \) -not -path "*ThirdParty*" -print0 | xargs -0 sed -sri "s/<<vcl_log/<<std::log/g"
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    • Manuel Grizonnet's avatar
    • Manuel Grizonnet's avatar
      ENH: rename files with txx extension to hxx · 3a1fd1fc
      Manuel Grizonnet authored
      OTB followed since the beginning the ITK convention and use .txx extension for all
      template classes. Nevertheless, some development tools do not recognize .txx
      file extension. Other tool like GitHub can't do in-browser syntax highlighting for
      txx files I think.
      The root problem is the use of the txx which should be changed to hxx (or hpp).
      In 2011, after an in-depth discussion near April 20, 2011 on the
      Insight-Developers mailing list, ITK rename all txx files to hxx (and event
      prevent the push of .txx files with a pre-commit hook). It happens is major release v4.
      You can find some arguments in the discussion about the change and also in other
      projects related to ITK which applied the same modification, see for instance VXL:
      This commit apply now the same modification for OTB.
      I understand that it will change some habit for developers and don't bring new
      features but I think that in general it is better to stay align with ITK guidelines.
      In my opinion, it always facilitate the use of OTB and ITK together if we share
      when we can the same code architecture, directory organization, naming
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    • Manuel Grizonnet's avatar
      STYLE: Use ITK_NULLPTR to utilize c++11 features · 0f26e689
      Manuel Grizonnet authored
          Where available, use c++11 features to identify
          potential nullptr usage errors.
          python run-clang-tidy.py -clang-tidy-binary ~/software/clang+llvm-3.8.0-x86_64-linux-gnu-ubuntu-14.04/bin/clang-tidy -checks=-*,modernize-use-nullptr -header-filter=/home/grizonnetm/projets/otb/src/OTB/Modules/.*/.*/include/.* -j8 -fix -p ~/projets/otb/bin/release/OTB-clang3.8/ ~/projets/otb/src/OTB/Modules/*/*/src/*.cxx ~/projets/otb/src/OTB/Modules/*/*/app/*.cxx ~/projets/otb/src/OTB/Examples/*/*.cxx ~/projets/otb/src/OTB/Modules/*/*/test/*.cxx > ~/temporary/run-clang-tidy-nullptr-log.txt
          find . -type f -print -name "*.h" -o -name "*.txx" -o -name "*.cxx" |xargs perl -pi -e 's/nullptr/ITK_NULLPTR/g'
  21. 13 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Manuel Grizonnet's avatar
      ENH: Remove double underscore in header guards (.txx & __otb*_h form) · 82842d15
      Manuel Grizonnet authored
      Used the following command:
      find . \( -iname *.txx -and ! -path *ThirdParty* \) -exec perl -pi -w -e 's/__otb(.*)_txx/otb$1_txx/g;' {} \;
      find . \( -iname *.h -and ! -path *ThirdParty* \) -exec perl -pi -w -e 's/__otb(.*)_h/otb$1_h/g;' {} \;
      Fixes many, but not all, clang -Wreserved-id-macro warnings.
  22. 10 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Manuel Grizonnet's avatar
      ENH: Explicitly recognize virtual functions · 3de2b346
      Manuel Grizonnet authored
          clang-tidy tool can insert missing override keyword as a macro so that missing [optional] virtual identifiers can be easily added.
          build otb with clang 3.8 and use cmake option CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS=ON. Most modules and third parties have been activated.
          #Save override occurences in otb code
          cd src/Modules ; grep -nR "override" * > ~/temporary/override_otb.txt
          #Run clang modernize check using utility script which allow to process the code in parallel
          python run-clang-tidy.py -clang-tidy-binary ~/software/clang+llvm-3.8.0-x86_64-linux-gnu-ubuntu-14.04/bin/clang-tidy -checks=-*,modernize-use-override -header-filter=/home/grizonnetm/projets/otb/src/OTB/Modules/.*/.*/include/.* -j8 -fix -p ~/projets/otb/bin/release/OTB-clang3.8/ ~/projets/otb/src/OTB/Modules/*/*/src/*.cxx ~/projets/otb/src/OTB/Examples/*/*.cxx ~/projets/otb/src/OTB/Modules/*/*/test/*.cxx > ~/temporary/run-clang-tidy-log.txt
          #Replace override by ITK macro (to maintain compat with c++98)
          find . -type f -print -name "*.h" -o -name "*.txx" |xargs perl -pi -e 's/\ override/\ ITK_OVERRIDE/g'
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    • Rashad Kanavath's avatar
      ENH: apply spelling.patch from DebianGIS · 8cafd175
      Rashad Kanavath authored
      This is a big one without much harm. It fixes incorrect spelling
      and grammer when packaging OTB 5.0.0 and 5.2.0 for Debian.
      Most of these changes are done by developers at DebianGIS.
      For more info, I include the original patch header below.
      Description: Fix some spelling errors to silence lintian
      enabling  to concentrate on the real problem.
      Author: Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org>
      Author: Rashad Kanavath <rashad.kanavath@c-s.fr>
      Author: Bas Couwenberg <sebastic@xs4all.nl>
      Last-Update: 2015-12-22
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