1. 20 Apr, 2016 3 commits
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      SuperBuild: rename patches with a specific 'unstandard' naming convention. · a97c10c1
      Rashad Kanavath authored
      This style of naming can later be used to automate patching for
      dependencies. For instance take the case of gdal.
      the name of current patch is gdal-fix-rpath-for-macx.diff
      This will imply that project is GDAL patch description is
      second part 'fix-rpath' and for-macx.diff says that
      it is only for macx.
      Later (in future) cmake can use if(APPLE), if(WIN32),
      if(UNIX and NOT APPLE) and see if the name of diff file
      matches for-macx, for-win32, for-linux and apply it accordingly.
      The project name prefix seems redundant at first look.
      But later this can pave way to have all .diff patches in a
      single directory under superbuild rather than each one in sub-directory
      named 'project'. The former can help in case of libraries like FFTW
      where it builds two projects FFTWF and FFTWD.
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