Release Candidate tag 7.4.0-rc1

OTB-v 7.4.0 (August 9th, 2021)

Bugs fixed:

  • !831: bug fixes in Sentinel 1 calibration by Cédric Traizet
  • !837: Fix Superbuild compilation with gcc-8 by Guillaume Pasero
  • !838: ExtractROI: Test inverted extent on indices instead of physical coordinates by Julien Osman


  • !788: Fix build issue when libSVM is OFF or libsiftfast is OFF and Testing ON by Thibaut Romain
  • !821: update expat version in the Superbuild to 2.4.1 by Julien Osman
  • !822: Update openCV version to 4.5.1 in the SuperBuild by Julien Osman
  • !828: refactoring of the TSX (and PAZ) sar sensor model by Gaëlle Usseglio
  • !835: Update geotiff version in the Superbuild to 1.7.0 by Cédric Traizet
  • !836: Use Horner method for polynomial evaluation in SAR calibration by Luc Hermitte
  • !839: Rename the noise parameter into removenoise in SARCalibration by Cédric Traizet
  • !840: Remove the "working around a kernel bug" warning during OTB binary package installation by Cédric Traizet


  • !833: Add deprecated tags in preparation for release 8.0.0 by Julien Osman and Cédric Traizet