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OTB-v.3.16 - Changes since version 3.14.1 (2013/01/xx)
* Library
* Core and Third Parties
* Various enhancement of PleiadesImageMetadataInterface
* Adding read and write geom file support in OssimSensorModelAdapter
* Refactoring of DEMHandler:
* Turned the class into singleton
* Made the DEMHandler the single configuration point for all elevation setup
* Deprecated all methods from other classes allowing to configure elevation source
* Added Exhaustive testing of all configuration cases (DEM, geoid, default)
* Improved documentation
* Refactoring of SensorModelAdapter:
* Decreased size of the code
* Made methods stick to what OSSIM does
* Refactored RpcProjectionAdapter into RpcSolverAdapter
* Updated ossim to r21971
* IO
* Added support for GDAL driver creation options in GDALImageIO
* Added support for external geom files in ImageFileReader
* Extended filenames
* Added framework for extended filenames (see
* Added support for extended filenames in ImageFileReader
* Added support for extended filenames in ImageFileWriter
* Refactored StreamingImageFileWriter and ImageFileWriter
* ImageFileWriter is now the only class to use
* StreamingImageFileWriter is a deprecated subclass provided for backward compatibility
* Projections
* Refactored the GCPsToSensorModel filter
* BasicFilters
* Simplified computation of coefficients in Frost and Lee filters
* Fusion
* Added the LMVM fusion algorithm (kindly contributed by A. Tzotsos)
* Radiometry
* Updated solar irradiance for WV2 (kindly contributed by D. Duros)
* Enhanced the TOA radiance computation for WB2 by integrating the effective bandwidth
* Learning
* Improved ListSample generation
* Added support for interior rings
* Fixed support for class mininum size
* Added a filter for classification map regularization by majority voting
* Segmentation
* Added segmentation algorithm based on multiscale morphological structures classification
* Added a filter to compute mean radiometric values for each segment of a labeled image
* Visualization
* Added a method to change RegionGlComponent color in ImageView
* Moved layer description in a single place
* Applications
* Framework
* Modified the elevation parameters handling to be consistent with refactoring
* New Applications
* Added new radiometric indices application (RadiometricIndices)
* Added new haralick and structural feature set texture extraction application (HaralickTextureExtraction, SFSTextureExtraction)
* Added new morphological operation applications (BinaryMorphologicalOperation,GrayScaleMorphologicalOperation)
* Added new local statistics extraction applications (LocalStatisticsExtraction)
* Added new edge extraction application (EdgeExtraction)
* Added new homlogous points extraction application, including large scale extraction of tie points (HomologousPointsExtraction)
* Added new application to refine a sensor model from a geom file and a set of tie points (RefineSensorModel)
* Added new pan-sharpening application with 3 different algorithms (PanSharpening)
* Added new classification maps fusion application (FusionOfClassifications)
* Added new classification map regularization application (ClassificationMapRegularization)
* Added new confusion matrix computation application (ComputeConfusionMatrix)
* Added new tile fusion application (TileFusion)
* Added new end-to-end stereo pair to DSM application (StereoFramework)
* Miscellanous
* Added an optional clamp in OpticalCalibration application output
* Added segmentation algorithm based on multiscale morphological structures classification in Segmentation application
* Added an optional output to the ReadImageInfo application to write the keyword list to a geom file
* Added support for large image in image mode of ColorMapping application
* Added support for histogram clamping settings and mask input in Convert application
* Added support for UTM zone and hemisphere estimation by default in OrthoRectification application
* Monteverdi
* Refactored to fit the new elevation configuration method
* Added Support for extended filenames
* Bug fixes
OTB-v.3.14.1 - Changes since version 3.14.0 (2012/10/02)
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