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ENH: update mantis bug report in release notes

parent 5143786c
......@@ -102,7 +102,56 @@ The full list of improvements comes here :
* Monteverdi
* Bug Fixes
* OTB-lib
* 0000707: Memory leaks in ApplicationWrappers
* 0000712: weird result of DempsterShaffer fusion of classification
* 0000685: UTF-8 paths not managed by Qt GUI in OTB Applications
* 0000686: Input file paths are deleted in some input fields of Qt GUIs
* 0000684: Impromptu cursor jumps in some input fields of Qt GUIs
* Documentation
* 0000643: Installation documentation is outdated
* 0000720: [OTB Wiki] Unable to save an edited page with a hypertext link within it
* OTB-applications
* 0000704: results of otbcli_Segmentation reflexed
* 0000711: Segmentation Fault and crash of applications after modifying any input "ParameterType_StringList" field
* 0000709: otbcli_ComputeImagesStatistics includes NaNs and background values
* 0000710: otbcli_ComputeImagesStatistics "progress" switch doesn't work
* 0000697: ComputeConfusionMatrix
* 0000670: Confusion matrix report unclear
* 0000723: CompareImage application without ROI parameter results in FATAL error
* Monteverdi2
* 0000632: Monteverdi2 crashes after zooming twice
* 0000714: Import existing image in the database leads to a crash
* 0000675: Filename too long
* 0000708: MVD2 - Cache-dir removed from disk.
* 0000664: Very long loading time the second time with TIFF product
* 0000655: ProgressDialog does not close if error is displayed.
* 0000646: Viewport is black or diminish when maximising or resizing the window before opening image
* 0000645: Viewport goes black or diminish when maximising or resizing the window after opening image
* 0000639: Using keyboard arrows with Monteverdi2 maximized grabs all keyboards events
* 0000653: "monteverdi2 imagepath" creates a dataset model directory even if the image does not exist
* 0000699: Datasets loaded through mvd2-viewer command-line are disabled
* 0000679: Inconsistency between mouse cursor position and image displacement when dragging
* 0000669: The application don't detect the fact that I didn't modify the settings
* 0000668: Precision loss when loading/saving/reloading
* 0000666: upper quantile is not set to 0.0 on integer image type, when using min/max button
* 0000656: Import Windows does not close
* 0000659: At first startup, 'mvd2' dir is not created but Monteverdi2 shoudl create it
* 0000660: Wrong display settings saved
* 0000657: Radiometry values hide WGS84 coordinates in status bar
* 0000654: When minimzing the window, all widgets are closed
* 0000665: Monteverdi2-0.1 label in Startup menu does not have an icon
* 0000644: Make Monteverdi2 window autofit to the screen's size
* 0000638: Displacement in the image let a black line of pixels at the top of the full res window
* 0000636: Displacement related to keyboard arrows is to small
* 0000637: Displacements associated with vertical keyboard arrows are inverted with respect to Monteverdi 1.x
* 0000633: Can not edit spinner fields in Video Color Dynamics widget
* 0000634: Steps of Quantiles spin-box are to coarse
* 0000718: Confirm dialog only displays MD5 name when deleting dataset.
* 0000648: Deploy icons for Monteverdi2 in packages and also for local build if possible
OTB-v.3.16 - Changes since version 3.14.1 (2013/02/04)
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