Commit 20fab62a authored by Stéphane Albert's avatar Stéphane Albert

BUG: MANTIS-1180: Added OTBCommon build dir to include OTBQtAdaptersExport.h

parent 23781101
set( OTBQtAdapters_SRC
add_library( OTBQtAdapters ${OTBQtAdapters_SRC} )
set( OTBQtAdapters_HEADERS_MOC
# otbQtAdapters.h
add_to_qt4_i18n_sources( ${OTBQtAdapters_SRCS} )
add_to_qt4_i18n_headers( "../include" ${OTBQtAdapters_SRCS} )
qt4_wrap_cpp( OTBQtAdapters_SRC_MOC ${OTBQtAdapters_HEADERS_MOC} )
include_directories( ${OTBCommon_BINARY_DIR} )
add_library( OTBQtAdapters ${OTBQtAdapters_SRC} ${OTBQtAdapters_SRC_MOC})
target_link_libraries( OTBQtAdapters
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