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Merge branch 'bug_Contrast_Enhancement' into 'release-6.6'

Various Issues Contrast Enhancement

See merge request !107
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......@@ -161,11 +161,11 @@ private:
SetDocLongDescription("This application is the implementation of the "
"histogram equalization algorithm. The idea of the algorithm is to use "
"the whole available dynamic. In order to do so it computes a histogram "
"over the image and then use the whole dynamic : meaning flattening the "
"over the image and then use the whole dynamic: meaning flattening the "
"histogram. That gives us gain for each bin that transform the original "
"histogram into the flat one. This gain is then apply on the original "
"\nThe application proposes several option to allow a finer result : "
"\nThe application proposes several options to allow a finer result: "
"\n- There is an option to limit contrast. We choose to limit the contrast "
"by modifying the original histogram. To do so we clip the histogram at a "
"given height and redistribute equally among the bins the clipped population. "
......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ private:
"The maximum height will be computed as hfact*eqHeight where eqHeight "
"is the height of the theoretical flat histogram. The higher hfact, the "
"higher the contrast."
"\nWhen using 'luminance mode', it is recommended to limit this factor to a small value (ex : 4)");
"\nWhen using 'luminance mode', it is recommended to limit this factor to a small value (ex: 4)");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Float , "nodata" , "Nodata Value");
......@@ -219,27 +219,34 @@ private:
AddParameter(ParameterType_Int,"spatial.local.h" ,
"Thumbnail height in pixel");
"Thumbnail height");
SetParameterDescription("spatial.local.h","Height of the thumbnail "
"over which the histogram will be computed. The value is in pixels.");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Int,"spatial.local.w" ,
"Thumbnail width in pixel");
"Thumbnail width");
SetParameterDescription("spatial.local.w","Width of the thumbnail "
"over which the histogram will be computed. The value is in pixels.");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Choice , "minmax" , "Minimum and maximum "
SetParameterDescription("minmax","Minimum and maximum value that will "
"bound the histogram.");
"bound the histogram and thus the dynamic of the resulting image. Values "
"over those boundaries will be clipped.");
AddChoice( "" , "Automatic" );
SetParameterDescription("" , "Minimum and maximum value will "
"be computed on the image (nodata value won't be taken "
"into account) . Each band will have a minimum and a maximum.");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Bool, "", "Global");
SetParameterDescription("" , "Automatic"
SetParameterDescription("" ,
"Min/max computation will result in the same minimum and maximum for "
"all the bands.");
AddChoice( "minmax.manual" , "Manual settings of min/max values" );
SetParameterDescription("","Minimum and maximum value will be "
AddChoice( "minmax.manual" , "Manual settings for min/max values" );
SetParameterDescription("minmax.manual","Minimum and maximum value will be "
"set by the user");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Float , "minmax.manual.min" , "Minimum value");
AddParameter(ParameterType_Float , "minmax.manual.max" , "Maximum value");
// SetDefaultParameterFloat("minmax.manual.min", 0 );
// SetDefaultParameterFloat("minmax.manual.max", 255 );
......@@ -249,9 +256,9 @@ private:
"Each channel is equalized independently" );
AddChoice( "mode.lum" , "Luminance" );
SetParameterDescription( "mode.lum" ,
"The relative luminance is calculated thanks to the coefficients."
"Then the histogram is equalized and then a gain is applied on each channels."
"This gain for each channels will depend on"
"The relative luminance is computed according to the coefficients."
"Then the histogram is equalized and the gain is applied to each of the "
"channels. The channel gain will depend on "
"the weight (coef) of the channel in the luminance."
"\nNote that default values come from color space theories "
"on how human eyes perceive colors)"
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ namespace Wrapper
QtApplication::QtApplication(int& argcc, char** argvv)
: QApplication(argcc, argvv)
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