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......@@ -228,5 +228,4 @@ ExtendedFilenameToWriterOptions
} // end namespace otb
......@@ -35,11 +35,11 @@ namespace otb
* Filters a labeled image using Majority Voting in a specified neighbordhood. Majority Voting takes the
* more representative value of all the pixels identified by the structuring element and then sets the
* center pixel to this label value.
* If the maximum number of votes is not unique, i.e., if more than one label have a maximum number of
* votes, AND if the Boolean m_KeepOriginalLabelBool == false, then an "Undecided" label is assigned to that output pixel.
* Otherwise, if m_KeepOriginalLabelBool == true, this output pixel keeps its Original value.
* NOT classified input pixels are assumed to belong to the m_LabelForNoDataPixels labeled class.
* Those pixels keep their Original m_LabelForNoDataPixels label in the output image.
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