Commit 329013fe authored by Sébastien Dinot's avatar Sébastien Dinot Committed by Cédric Traizet

Add contributors' check

This script aims to identify the unreferenced authors to invite the
team to check if they have already signed the contributor license
agreement (CLA). When this is done, the authors must be added to the
reference list.
parent a795703a
......@@ -97,9 +97,9 @@ fast-build:
- ctest -V -S CI/main_ci.cmake -DIMAGE_NAME:string=ubuntu-18.04-fast
- ccache -s
extends: .common
only: [merge_requests, develop]
only: [merge_requests, develop, headers_check]
stage: precheck
image: $BUILD_IMAGE_REGISTRY/otb-alpine:3.7
......@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@ contibutors-check:
allow_failure: true
- ./CI/
- ./CI/
after_script: []
#------------------------- prepare & build jobs --------------------------------
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