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Monteverdi Release Note
Monteverdi 3.4.0 - Changes since version 3.2.0 (July ??th, 2016)
* Bug fixes:
* MANTIS-1235: Monteverdi is not able to open S1 product (SLC SM product)
* MANTIS-1231: Monteverdi: shader effect does not follow the mouse cursor when moving
* MANTIS-1205: Gamma slider effect inverted between full and quicklook view
* MANTIS-1204: Zoom to full extent and zoom to layer extent does not preserve aspect ratio
* RFC:
* Request for Changes-44: Improve OTB-applications display & search in Monteverd & Mapla
Monteverdi 3.2.0 - Changes since version 3.0.0 (March 30th, 2016)
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