Commit 53411b5f authored by Guillaume Pasero's avatar Guillaume Pasero

PKG: filter warnings from ldd

parent 4ebfbbca
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ for name in $OTB_SO_LIBRARIES $OTB_DY_LIBRARIES $OTB_EXE; do
elif echo "$F_OUTPUT" | grep -q ': broken symbolic link'; then
echo_and_report "$F_OUTPUT"
elif echo "$F_OUTPUT" | grep -q -i -e ': ELF .*shared object' -e ': ELF .*executable'; then
LDD_ERRORS=$(ldd "$name" | grep -i -e '=> not found' -e 'not a dynamic executable')
LDD_ERRORS=$(ldd "$name" 2>&1 | grep -v 'you do not have execution permission' | grep -i -e '=> not found' -e 'not a dynamic executable')
if [ -n "$LDD_ERRORS" ]; then
echo_and_report "ldd $name"
echo_and_report "$LDD_ERRORS"
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