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DOC: Enhance release notes

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......@@ -3,28 +3,37 @@ OTB-v.5.0.0 - Changes since version 4.4.0 (2015/02/13)
* Library:
* Core:
* Modularization : following the lead of ITK, source code is now organized in
* Remove deprecated classes
* Modularization
* Code is now better organized in groups/modules/classes
* ITK CMake architecture to handle module and dependencies is used
* Modules can be deactivated at will with dependencies tracking
* Third parties software are handled as module and can be deactivated
* Tests and applications are embedded in modules
* Writing of new module or update of existing modules is simplified by cmake magic
* Remove deprecated classes
* ThirdParties
* Remove openjpeg from OTB source
* Remove LibSVM from OTB source
* Remove Edison from OTB source
* Remove ConfigFile from OTB source
* Remove LibKML from OTB source
* Add support for openjpeg 2.1
* Clean third parties copyright
* CMake:
* Complete refactoring of CMake scripts
* Allow to build OTB and all dependencies with Superbuild
* No more internal versions of most third parties (except 6S, siftfast, ossimplugins)
* Removed openjpeg sources from OTB source
* Removed LibSVM sources from OTB source
* Removed Edison sources from OTB source
* Removed ConfigFile sources from OTB source
* Removed LibKML sources from OTB source
* Add support for external openjpeg 2.1
* Third parties copyrights have been cleaned
* Superbuild
* A separate superbuild project has been added in the Superbuild repository
* It allows to build all OTB dependencies from source, and then OTB (thus replaces the removed internal versions)
* Sources are checked out at configuration time or can be downloaded beforehand
* Allow to build a complete OTB with a handful of prerequisites (gcc, cmake, curl)
* Doxygen:
* Classes sorted by module
* Doxygen
* Classes are now organized by modules
* Bug fixed:
* Monteverdi2
* 0001033: Crash when updating no data value in mv2
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