Commit 5ff7ff95 authored by Cédric Traizet's avatar Cédric Traizet

DOC: added comment to refer to the functorImageFilter bug

parent 43d085d7
......@@ -108,19 +108,22 @@ private:
auto inputImage = GetParameterDoubleVectorImage("in");
#if 1
// The localRxDetectionFilter can be replaced by a functorImageFilter using the appropriate
// functor. However using functorImageFilter with neighborhood is buggy (see issue #1802). Still,
// the functor has been implemented and localRxDetectionFilter will be deprecated when the
// bug is corrected.
#if 1 // Using localRxDetectionFilter
auto localRxDetectionFilter = LocalRxDetectorFilterType::New();
// the radius are the same along x and y for the filter
unsigned int externalRadius = GetParameterInt("er");
unsigned int internalRadius = GetParameterInt("ir");
#else // Using a functorImageFilter
Functor::LocalRxDetectionFunctor<double> detectorFunctor;
detectorFunctor.SetInternalRadius(GetParameterInt("ir"), GetParameterInt("ir"));
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