Commit 617540d9 authored by Rashad Kanavath's avatar Rashad Kanavath

BUG: special case in regex. filterout headertest

parent fbd61642
# This is one big fat if-elseif ladder
# that will detect a type and destination to use in
# install(..
function(install_rule src_file)
get_filename_component(src_file_EXT ${src_file} EXT)
......@@ -19,6 +23,14 @@ function(install_rule src_file)
message("SKIP INSTALL for ${sfile_NAME_LOWER}")
#special case for remote modules which has executables
#like MosiacHeaderTest1.exe. This ideally should be
#fixed in remote modules
elseif ("${sfile_NAME_LOWER}" MATCHES "headertest" )
message("SKIP INSTALL for ${sfile_NAME_LOWER}")
elseif("${sfile_ABS_LOWER}" MATCHES "(\\.exe)$")
set(install_type PROGRAMS)
set(install_dir bin)
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