Commit 67482aab authored by Antoine Regimbeau's avatar Antoine Regimbeau

BUG: remove MR that are not in release 6.6

parent 601fb7b9
......@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ Features added:
* !53: Resolve "add Wrapper/QGIS to generate qgis descriptors for processing plugin" by Rashad Kanavath (see
* !63: Background value for VectorDataToLabelImageFilter by Rémi Cresson (see
* !71: New Itk modules by Yannick TANGUY (see
* !89: Resolve "remove -Wshadow warning" by Rashad Kanavath (see
Bugs fixed:
* !6: Resolve "SampleExtraction application memory usage grows constantly" by Guillaume Pasero (see
......@@ -78,8 +77,6 @@ Small patches made:
* !124: Document third party environment variables by Julien Michel (see
* !129: Update screenshots in Monteverdi Cookbook section with wrong RGB color composition by Manuel Grizonnet (see
* !135: COMP: handle Shark dependency to openmp using REQUIRED_FLAGS by Guillaume Pasero (see
* !136: DOC: add checklist to MR template by Victor Poughon (see
* !137: DOC: Set of proposed edits to the documentation by Daniel McInerney (see
Other changes:
* !1: DOC: Add CONTRIBUTING and PSC docs by Victor Poughon (see
......@@ -102,14 +99,6 @@ Other changes:
* !117: On Revert shark by Antoine Regimbeau (see
* !119: Monteverdi black screen after app execution by Cédric Traizet (see
* !121: Resolve "Cannot launch monteverdi if .ini config file is invalid" by Julien Michel (see
* !123: New custom widgets for Float and Int parameters by Victor Poughon (see
* !125: BUG: Fix missing QWidget parents by Victor Poughon (see
* !126: BUG: Remove workaround for QT bug 22829 by Victor Poughon (see
* !127: COMP: fix gcc 7 'defined' warnings by Victor Poughon (see
* !130: C++14: Replace ITK_NULLPTR by nullptr by Victor Poughon (see
* !131: C++14: Replace ITK_OVERRIDE by override by Victor Poughon (see
* !132: ENH: Add comments to MR template by Victor Poughon (see
* !133: C++14: Replace comments by '= delete' by Victor Poughon (see
OTB-v.6.4.0 - Changes since version 6.2.0 (January 30th, 2018)
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