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OTB-v.5.10.0 - Changes since version 5.8.0 (February 8th, 2017)
* Request for Changes (
* Request for Changes-69: Force Monteverdi no-GLSL option (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-70: Composite application framework (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-71: Enhance class field selection in training applications (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-72: Remove JPEG2000ImageIO (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-73: Compatibility with muparserx 4.0.7 (last stable release) (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-74: Translate the application GUI to the corresponding command line (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-75: Monteverdi/App November code sprint (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-76: Single band color-mapping in Monteverdi (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-77: New application for wavelet and fft domain transform (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-78: Refactor TrainImagesClassifier (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-79: BundleToPerfectSensor implemented as composite application (adopted, merged)
* Request for Changes-80: Compute sub-sampled Haralick textures (adopted, merged)
* Bugfixes :
* Monteverdi
* 0001338: Monteverdi does not correctly free memory
* 0001345: Wrong behavior of minimum image size for overviews in preference dialog
* 0001320: Pixel picking in Monteverdi is half-pixel shifted
* OTB-Packaging
* 0001335: On Windows standalone package, TOC calibration crashes monteverdi
* 0001326: OTB python bindings does not work
* 0001336: is missing in Windows standalone packages
* 0001337: On windows standalone package otbcli.bat misses the GDAL_DATA environment variable
* 0001325: libsvm URL in superbuild does not exists anymore
* OTB-applications
* 0001341: Rescale application does not exactly rescale image
* 0001339: ExtractROI application yields wrong size through python bindings
* 0001321: Unable to apply radiometric calibration to S1A SLC product
* 0001316: Application parameter of type ListView are not export in XML
* Orfeo Toolbox (OTB)
* 0001317: cmake c and cxx flags are not written in OTBConfig.cmake or UseOTB.cmake
* 0001323: Install monteverdi icons along with the application.
* 0001342: Download of libsvm is failing when (super)building
* 0001331: TrainVectorClassifier: misleading error message
* 0001330: Superbuild crashes with invalid libSVM source link
* 0001327: Quicklook application introduces a shift
* 0001328: OTB 5.8 : superImpose introduce "NODATA"
* 0001319: OTB 5.8 vector Sampler
* 0001324: Add Keywords to desktop entry file.
* Documentation
* 0001313: Some latex fragments are not rendered in RST cookbook
OTB-v.5.8.0 - Changes since version 5.6.1 (November 8th, 2016)
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