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......@@ -707,7 +707,6 @@ Interest Points
See example :ref:`RatioLineDetectorExample.cxx`.
See example :ref:`CorrelationLineDetectorExample.cxx`.
See example :ref:`AsymmetricFusionOfLineDetectorExample.cxx`.
See example :ref:`ParallelLineDetectionExample.cxx`.
* Segment Extraction. See example :ref:`LineSegmentDetectorExample.cxx`.
......@@ -787,26 +786,9 @@ following expressions:
* Flusser Moments for Images. See example :ref:`FlusserMomentsImageFunctionExample.cxx`.
Road and cloud extraction
Cloud extraction
Road extraction is a critical feature for an efficient use of high
resolution satellite images. There are many applications of road
extraction: update of GIS database, reference for image registration,
help for identification algorithms and rapid mapping for example. Road
network can be used to register an optical image with a map or an
optical image with a radar image for example. Road network extraction
can help for other algorithms: isolated building detection, bridge
detection. In these cases, a rough extraction can be sufficient. In the
context of response to crisis, a fast mapping is necessary: within
6 hours, infrastructures for the designated area are required. Within
this timeframe, a manual extraction is inconceivable and an automatic
help is necessary.
* Road extraction filter. See example :ref:`ExtractRoadExample.cxx`.
* Step by step road extraction. See example :ref:`ExtractRoadByStepsExample.cxx`.
* Cloud Detection. See example :ref:`CloudDetectionExample.cxx`.
Image Simulation
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