Commit 77299c78 authored by Rémi Cresson's avatar Rémi Cresson

FIX: replace otb::FunctorImageFilter with itk::UnaryFunctorImageFilter to fix #2004

parent dad1ee22
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......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ public:
/* Decorrelated color space <--> RGB functors typedefs */
typedef otb::Functor::LAB2RGB<FloatVectorImageType::PixelType, FloatVectorImageType::PixelType> LAB2RGBFunctor;
typedef otb::Functor::RGB2LAB<FloatVectorImageType::PixelType, FloatVectorImageType::PixelType> RGB2LABFunctor;
typedef otb::FunctorImageFilter<RGB2LABFunctor> RGB2LABFilterType;
typedef itk::UnaryFunctorImageFilter<FloatVectorImageType, FloatVectorImageType, RGB2LABFunctor> RGB2LABFilterType;
typedef otb::FunctorImageFilter<LAB2RGBFunctor> LAB2RGBFilterType;
/** Interpolators typedefs */
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