Commit 8561c09f authored by Victor Poughon's avatar Victor Poughon

Merge branch 'fix_compil_gdalimageio' into 'develop'

Fix compilation GDALImageIO

See merge request !188
parents 5ed8e9f1 8bfb1ae5
......@@ -116,13 +116,17 @@ public:
m_CreationOptions = opts;
itkSetMacro(NoDataList, NoDataListType);
GDALCreationOptionsType GetOptions(void)
return m_CreationOptions;
/** Set NoDataList */
void SetNoDataList(const NoDataListType& noDataList)
m_NoDataList = noDataList;
/** Provide hist about the output container to deal with complex pixel
* type */
void SetOutputImagePixelType( bool isComplexInternalPixelType,
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