Commit 8aa9bfb8 authored by Guillaume Pasero's avatar Guillaume Pasero

BUG: fix packaging macOS

parent b354e441
......@@ -59,9 +59,9 @@ for input_file in $LIB_FILES $BIN_FILES; do
if [ -f "$input_file" ]; then
input_file_old_rpaths=$(otool -l "$input_file" | grep -A 3 "LC_RPATH" | grep -oE 'path .* \(offset' | cut -d ' ' -f 2)
for rpath_old in $input_file_old_rpaths; do
$INSTALL_NAME_TOOL "-delete_rpath" "$rpath_old" "$input_file"
install_name_tool "-delete_rpath" "$rpath_old" "$input_file"
$INSTALL_NAME_TOOL "-add_rpath" "$OUT_DIR/lib" "$input_file"
install_name_tool "-add_rpath" "$OUT_DIR/lib" "$input_file"
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